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Binding Class Attributes In Python

You can also read this article from my LinkedIn here . If you’re not interested in my personal motivation to do this, you can skip right to the Essential Python Background section. Introduction During my last semester, my friends and I were studying a course called Computer Architecture . This course covered topics concerning how a computer processor works and how it is built and wired up internally. As a project, we were asked to build a software simulator that should be given input in the same manner a computer processor is given input, and then it produces the same output as the processor. After a lot of discussion, and despite facing some opposition, we decided that Python was the right tool for the job. The thing is, we had something in mind, that would make the whole process a trivial piece of cake but that something was not offered by default in Python. We had to build it ourselves. I was given the task of making this magic happen and I will explain what this magic wa