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Building A Completely Serverless PyPI Repository On AWS

So maybe you're a team focused on Python and you've been looking into the best ways to deliver your packages to other members of your team or even to production environments. You start having thoughtful debate about the issu *skip forward* you realize that pip might be your best option; everybody knows how to use pip , it works perfectly with virtual environments, does dependency management, it's basically awesome. But then reality hits you; In order to use pip , you need a PyPI repository to host your code and you don't want all your team's hard work to be out on the public PyPI repository  for obvious reasons. So you start looking around learning how to build a private PyPI repository and you stumble upon  PEP 503 -- Simple Repository API . Huzzah! You finally figured out how this thing works but then you go like Oh man, so I have to get a machine, install web server software on it, go through all the trouble of setting it up and using best practices, an