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Binding Class Attributes In Python (Part 2)

Hello everyone, sorry I haven’t blogged for a while but I was busy with other matters and barely managed to allocate enough time over the weeks to write this article. My last article was about how you can use Python to bind to class attributes together so that updating one automatically updates the other. I also demonstrated how we used this method in a college project to implement a MIPS processor by defining each block, defining its inputs and outputs (in terms of inputs) and then, using the demonstrated method, tell Python that the output of this block is connected to the input of the other block and just letting everything evaluate itself automatically. This was, by far, the most viewed article on my blog, so if you haven’t read this article, I recommend you go do that now, just follow this link . The old article also contains a lot of essential background which is required for understanding this article, so if you want to make the most of this article, read the old one firs